Our black bear hunts take place on the banks of the Smoky River all along the Saddle Hills in northern Alberta, Canada. We are permitted to use bait in this area. There is a 2 bear limit which gives you an excellent chance of bringing home a trophy size bear and even a color phase bear. Our success rate was 185% in 2012 and 2013, 65% of the bears were of various color phases, from almost white to a dark chocolate brown. A lot of the bears also have a white crest on their chests. Sizes are anywhere from 4 ft. to 7 ft. and skulls from 17” to 21”. We hunt from comfortable tree stands over bait sites, some are permanent wood platforms and some are ladder stands giving you shot opportunities from 20 to 30 yards. Our black bear hunts are sure to be a great time. Accommodations in our lodge provide all the comforts of home.

Bear hunt is $4200.00 for two bears all inclusive (tags, licensing, food, lodging, and guide) There are no trophty fees on the bear hunt.

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