Our whitetail deer hunts take place during the peak of the rut in November. This is a very exciting hunt as the deer are very active. We use only top quality equipment and heated blinds to make you as comfortable as possible to maximize your time in the field and your chance for success.

You will have an excellent shot opportunity at 150 class deer with larger deer being possible to the patient hunter. On our whitetail deer hunts we concentrate our hunting efforts by setting up stands and blinds overlooking pre-scouted crossing areas, scrape lines and food sources. To be successful, hunters need to be patient and trust their guide.

Try our whitetail deer hunt or give us a call to create a custom hunt. We take a limited number of hunters each year to ensure a top quality experience for all of our hunters. Please call 780-722-0243 for hunt information or to book your whitetail deer hunt.

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