We offer 3 day and 6 day goose & duck hunts during the last 2 weeks of September through the end of October. Our waterfowl hunts offer the hunter ample shoots and high bag limits on geese and ducks. During our goose hunts we typically set up on fields where the goose have been feeding. We will arrive well before sunrise to set up our spread of decoys and blinds. We use state-of the-art equipment, a wide variety of blinds, along with full body decoys, and silhouette decoys all of which will help to ensure that the spread area is ideal for the hunt. We will then get into position and wait for the birds to start dropping in. We will stay in position until mid-morning or if we have filled our limit we will head in for lunch.

Early afternoon we will head out again to fill our daily quota of geese or if already full we will head to one of the many pothole lakes or marshes and set up for a shoot of the large ducks that we have coming through. The duck hunts will be set up in blinds or on boats depending on the location.

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