Trophy Hunters Alberta is Alberta’s premiere Mule Deer outfitter, owning some of Alberta’s best allocations for the species throughout central, eastern and southern Alberta. THA owns 224 big game mule deer allocations, representing more than 6% of the mule deer allocations in all of Alberta. With about 450 Outfitters in Alberta, we certainly have the most flexibility possible. The Province of Alberta has the enviable reputation of being the destination of choice for hunters in search of a world class quality mule deer hunt.

Our Open Country Foothills and Prairie spot and stalk style Mule Deer hunts have gained widespread acclaim in recent years by hunters from all over North America and beyond. These are our most popular hunts and many of our mule deer hunters routinely report seeing over 100 mule deer per day during their hunt. Officially, we state that we hope to show our hunters minimum 140 class mule deer, however our experience indicates that each year many of our hunters harvest 160 to 180 class muleys and sometimes 190+ class. THA offers both archery and rifle hunting experiences in some of Alberta’s finest mule deer territories.

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