Cougar hunts are in the foothills of the Rockies in the southern part of Alberta. This includes some Crown land hunting and also permission to private land. The game populations in these areas are doing very well and so do the cats. The mountainous areas west of us have very little access and it seems we also have a good number of mature toms that venture east into our hunting area.

The cougar hunting season runs from December 1st to February 28th. Our cougar hunts take some physical ability. We always hunt in snow conditions and the temperatures can range from 40F to -20F but primarily stays around the 10F temperature.

The accommodations for these hunts are a very comfortable home with home cooked meals. From there we strike out in the pickup with hounds, snowmobiles, dog sled, and hunting gear, searching a few roads for tracks. We will likely offload snowmobiles to continue searching trails in the beautiful Porcupine Hills for cougar tracks. Once a track is found we will put the rest of our team in play to get your trophy cougar treed!

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