Our Rocky Mountain Bighorn sheep hunts take place in the Clearwater area of west Central, Alberta. Situated entirely in the Canadian Rockies and the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta, it is a glacier fed upper reach tributary of the North Saskatchewan River. As the name implies, the Clearwater River is an unspoiled river in a breathtaking wilderness, set against the backdrop of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. . I grew up in this sheep country and hunting these majestic animals is a true passion of mine. Guiding hunters watching a client harvest such a coveted and magnificent trophy is a privilege. I am committed and dedicated to putting in the time and effort of scouting and finding trophy rams. At Timberline Guiding, we put out an unmatched effort to provide each hunter great opportunities on Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep. The characteristics of these animals combined with the topography of their habitat provide the optimum challenge to hunters interested in scoring a trophy ram. Due to our experience and in depth knowledge of the area, our guides will provide you with the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Upon your arrival, we drive just over two hours to the trail head by vehicle and then depart with saddle horses & pack horses for a 2 1/2 – 4 hour horse ride to the main camp. We utilize horses and hunt from roving camps with backpacks. Our day is spent glassing the slopes and moving until a trophy class Ram spotted. We stay in high country backpack camps. You will stay in comfortable heated wall tents with sleeping bags, cook stove and thermo rests, all stored at strategic locations for the most optimal hunting experience.

This is a 14-day hunt, which may be extended for additional fee & at Outfitters discretion.
Wolf &/or coyote tags available at hunters cost

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