South Peace Outfitters Moose Hunts High Prairie, AB T0G, Canada

Alberta moose hunts include excursions into the remote, back country with logged cutovers and lots of lakes and beaver dams. Moose prefer these areas for the solitude, feed, and abundance of water. Travel into these sites will be by argo and other ATV’s.The average antler spread is 35″-45″, with spreads over 50″ possible.

Archery Moose Hunts:
This hunt takes place during the early season and is for bowhunters only. Alberta bull moose are still in their pre-rut routines. We will be bowhunting in tree stands over mineral licks and calling during the latter part of the season. We offer some very good combo options with our archery hunts including; bear, elk, whitetail deer, and mule deer.

Rut Moose Hunts:
Moose rut hunts take place during the last week of September through the end of October. During the peak of the moose rut the lovesick bulls can be called into bow or rifle range. Whether hunting from stands or calling the moose in close, we have enjoyed a near 100% opportunity rate on bulls.

Post-Rut Moose Hunts:
This hunt takes place in November, or post-rut. This can be a great time to hunt Alberta moose. Bulls may still respond to some cow calling and are actively feeding in open, logged areas replenishing body fat lost during the rut period.

Listing : Moose Hunting
Outfitter Name : Don Lind
TELEPHONE : (780) 536-5554
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