Alberta wolf hunts can be very rewarding. Our wolves can be grey, black, blue, white and rust colors. These ultimate predators makes a great trophy. Over the last few years the wolves in our hunting area have drastically increased. Our wolf hunts run from September to March. Because of our abundance of wolves and coyotes there is no limit.

The best time to hunt wolves is February. The snow is the deepest and the wolves are hungry, they hit bait best at this time. We do some predator calling but majority is from a blind over bait. A typical bait site is very remote with miles and miles of hard packed ski-doo trails leading through deep snow to the bait site.

Wolf hunts take place at baited sites with heated blinds. Tracking and calling of wolf packs is also effective when conditions are favorable. Expect your shots to be 200 yards when sitting in a blind and closer when calling wolves or coyotes.



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