We offer peak of the rut rifle whitetail deer hunting outside of Alberta’s famous bow zone in north central Alberta. We stand hunt from ground blinds and heated tower stands depending on hunting conditions. Rattling is extremely effective at this time of year, 50% of bucks killed are rattled in.

Due to the fact our hunters are set up in funnel situations where bucks feel comfortable moving from one bush lot to another with good cover. This allows our hunters all day action on bucks traveling in search of does. Every year this is proven again with most whitetail bucks will average between 140 and 165. This hunt can also be done with a bow in tight cover on a scrape line from stand. On both hunts clients will be rattling and grunting.

Every one of our set ups are in spots with at least a 160 to 200″ whitetail buck working the area. We will be using game cameras to locate these bucks from September to our November hunt date. Guides living in the area will also be following up on all leads of big bucks some work out a lot don’t. But our preseason homework will be done.


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