Waterfowl hunting Alberta Canada duck hunts and goose hunts, Smoky River Outfitting provides waterfowl hunts for Canada goose, Ross’s geese, White Fronted Geese, Snow Geese, Pintail and Mallard ducks in Peace Country Alberta Canada.

The Peace Country of Alberta Canada offers world class goose and duck hunting. Thousands upon thousands of local and migrating Canada geese and ducks stage in the Peace parklands, making our hunting area a waterfowlers paradise! With several large lakes, wetlands, fields of barley, peas and wheat you are sure to limit out each day!

The Morning Goose Hunt: Typically the morning hunt is designated for goose hunting. After breakfast you will be escorted to your hunting blinds in the pursuit of the Canada Goose, White fronted Goose and odd Snow Goose that fly through. We use top of the line coffin blinds that are nearly impossible for the birds to detect. Our blinds are extremely comfortable and allow a for great line of sight. The morning hunts last only a few hours as limits are often taken in a short period of time.

The Afternoon Duck Hunt: Late afternoon and evening pass shoot is typically a duck hunt. This is a very exciting hunt, and with a very wide variety of waterfowl species in this flyway, you may have quite a mixed bag. The afternoon duck hunt lasts until sundown, and if limits are full before the sun sets, you have the option of scouting the field for the next day or two.


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