If you want an exciting elk hunting experience and an opportunity to get a big trophy, our elk rut hunt is for you. We offer guaranteed license and a limited amount of rut elk hunts, taking a maximum of 9 hunters each year. You will have a chance to see a number of bulls over the 3 point minimum. Elk hunting in Alberta is increasing in popularity every year. Elk numbers have doubled in the last 10 years in our area and we are now producing more and more mature bulls over 300 inches.

We are 1 of the few areas in North America where our clients can hunt bulls in the peak of the rut with archery or rifle. We hunt private land in a zone approximately 100 miles by 150 miles of big bush country. This is one of the best elk hunting zones in Alberta. Our elk rut hunts run an 80% success rate year after year which I believe is one of the best in Canada. Smoky River Outfitting owns the only private land in our wildlife management unit we use this as our base camp and then operate many remote spike camps this allows us the flexibility to move to different areas as we need.

These elk rut hunts take place along river valleys. We do not rely on migrating elk or park boundaries our elk are resident elk and use the same areas every year. If you are looking for a great hunting adventure calling in bugling rutting bulls this hunt will be a great experience.

We owe our success to great guides, great hunters and an abundance of elk in the hunting area.


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