Here in the peace river region of Alberta we have the perfect mixture of bush vs farmland to produce world class monster trophy mule deer bucks. I have 4 non resident trophy archery mule deer tags. With these guaranteed licenses hunters will be hunting for bucks from 170 – 220 p & y.

The largest trophy mule deer we have taken is 215 p & y. With a lot of bucks in the 180 to 200 inch class. Due to the fact we only do 4 archery mule deer hunts we will have plenty of monster bucks and areas to choose from. This hunt is my specialty it is nice to finally go after the bucks we have been watching all season. We have mastered stalking these old mature bucks in velvet and in the early season while they are in predictable feeding patterns.

We have never taken an archery hunter that did not have a shot or realize that this is incredible archery hunt for huge trophy bucks.

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