We are very fortunate that we have the North Saskatchewan River right next to us that holds the waterfowl until freeze up. Even on a dry year we always have the river to keep us in birds. I have experienced spotters who live in the area and keep in close contact with the land owners. They know where the peas are being planted and where the duck and geese are roosting to make sure that we have the same land access or even more each year.

We hunt geese and ducks in wheat, barley and pea fields. Hunters go out to the fields before sunrise to set up our full bodied decoys and final approach lay down blinds with our guide and spotter to assist. For those who prefer not to set up decoys or pick them up, North Star Outfitting can provide this service at an additional cost.

Just before sunrise we are set up and ready for the birds to come in. During your hunt we will have one experienced guide in the field doing the calling. Our mornings start out targeting geese but we will also shoot some ducks when the opportunity presents itself. In the afternoon we hunt ducks with final approach blinds where we retrieve 100% of the birds.

Waterfowl hunting is the most enjoyable hunt with friends and family and we strive to make it the best hunt possible. I have two dog runs if you wish to bring your hunting dog along. Once we fill our daily limits we pack up and head to the Lodge where I have a shop set up to clean the birds at no extra cost to you.

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