Our hunting area is about 500,000 acres of farm land, fringe, and the deep woods. The area we hunt makes this a relatively easy hunt and not physically challenging.

Moose rut hunt for rifle and archery hunters.

  • The moose are very active this time of year and respond very well to cow calls.
  • The larger bulls are usually taken on this hunt averaging 40 inches.
  • We take a minimum number of hunters per season during this time to keep success rates very high.
  • Our rut moose hunt can also be combined with our fall black bear hunts. for rifle and bow hunters.

November post-rut moose hunts are for rifle hunters only.

  • This is a great time to hunt Alberta moose. After the rut is over the bulls are more social, often seen in bachelor groups.
  • Moose don’t move very much this time of year as they are feeding to replenishing body fat lost during the rut period.
  • Bigger bulls favor areas with the heavier cover and hunting the forest edge, deep woods and open logged areas you will have a better chance at seeing a 40+ inch moose.
  • November moose hunt can be combined with a whitetail deer rut hunt where you will hunt these trophies in the forest edge and farmland.

We have a select few moose tags in remote northern Alberta, only accessible by plane. Because this area is so remote you will have an opportunity at a 50″+ bull. Please call us for details.

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