Hunt big bruin blacks and colored bears in the spring and fall, no bugs, 5 star lodge, eat like a king and sleep like a rock – that’s what you can expect when you come black bear hunting with North Star Outfitters!

During our spring bear hunts, we take 20 bears hunters with about 5-6 hunters per week. We hunt in ranch country just north of the rich farmland where the food is very plentiful. Our fall black bear hunts are spot & stalk only. We hunt them in the corn fields and oat fields in September and October.

Every one thinks bear hunting over bait is like shooting fish in a barrel, well if it was only about killing that might be the case. But harvesting a trophy bear takes careful placement of stands and baits to outsmart the trophy bears we want.
Proper baiting, along with limiting the number of black bear hunts every year, and the high number of bears in our area, our hunters enjoy a 100% shot opportunity. The black bears in our area average 300+ pounds, with some pushing up to 500 pounds.

If you are looking for a high success Canada bear hunt, this is it. We put the time, experience and dedication into the hunt to ensure you have the best bear hunt possible.

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