Morning Mule Deer Bow Hunts

In the morning, we spot and stalk mule deer. Mule deer are usually found in bachelor groups at sunrise. We usually drive county roads or trails looking for mule deer feeding in the morning. Once we find a good group we will get into a good position and watch and wait for a good shot on a trophy buck. This style of hunting has been very exciting and successful. Mid morning the mule deer bed down and we start planning our stand hunting in the afternoon for the whitetails.

Afternoon Whitetail Deer Bow Hunts

Since we hunt in an agricultural area, afternoon bow hunting works the best. Early afternoon, whitetails wander out to agricultural fields and food plots to feed. Whitetail are pretty predictable in the early season and often travel in bachelor groups from bedding areas to feeding areas. We set up our stands along side alfalfa, pea, barley and wheat fields because they are feeding with no pressure. This is the time of year we out setting up trail cameras and taking videos to pattern the deer. We have a 50% success rate on 150 whitetail deer and that is hard to beat.

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