Mike’s Outfitting – Whitetail Deer Hunting Box 544, Spirit River, Alberta Canada

Alberta, Canada is well known for its huge whitetails and the Peace River country is one of the best areas for trophy whitetail deer hunting.


  • An area with huge northern Alberta whitetails.
  • An excellent chance to kill a heavy 140 to 160 score deer.
  • The possibility for a huge 170+ score whitetail deer.
  • Well scouted stand sites in both private agricultural land and public forest areas.
  • A small, generally 4 hunters max, lodge hunt in the peak of whitetail deer rut.

Our hunting zones have a perfect edge whitetail deer habitat where there are large sections of woods that back up to farm fields. The giant Alberta whitetails get good feed and are able to hide out and grow to maturity. Whitetail hunting is either out of stands set on the edges of the fields where the does congregate or back in the thick woods on open cut lines not far from the fields. These locations are well scouted and thoughtfully chosen before your arrival. To have a much better chance for a good deer our hunters spend at least 6 hours a day and preferably all day in their stands. You never know when an absolute giant whitetail, unlike anything you’ll see at home, will step out.

We recently purchased 320 acres of land to develop into a whitetail heaven and already have trail cam pics of 170 inch deer. The whitetail population continues to grow and the hunting should get better and better.  If you are looking for an exciting hunting trip, contact Mike’s Outfitting and book a hunt today.

Listing : Whitetail Deer Hunting
Outfitter Name : Mike Ukrainetz
WEBSITE ADDRESS : www.mikesoutfitting.com
TELEPHONE : 780-864-3770
Hunt Days : Nov 8-30 - 6 1/2 days
HUNTING AREA : Boreal Forest
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