Archery elk bow hunts in the Peace River region of Alberta, Canada are done as a 7 day combo hunt with Canada moose


  • Exciting, high success Alberta elk bowhunting during the rut combined with a Canada moose bow hunt.
  • Opportunity to harvest two animals at a reasonable price.
  • Physically tough hunts but at low elevation. No mountains to climb. No horses to ride.
  • An experienced guide who knows how to call in elk and locate moose.
  • Tree stand bowhunts over waterholes and natural salt licks.

These archery elk & moose combo hunts run September 7 to 14, during the bowhunting only season. There is a large population of both elk and moose and we own the only 4 outfitter elk bow tags in 2 huge zones that have little local bowhunting pressure. This hunt is done during the peak of the rut for the elk and the pre-rut for the moose. We mainly focus on the elk bowhunting calling bulls within bow range. The moose live right in the same area and you never know when you will bump into one.  

The hunts are done in the big woods public land areas and on the private farmland. The elk are not call shy and you will have a good chance to get one or more shot opportunities at a mature, heavy 5 or 6 point bull elk and a possibility to kill a moose. The elk are generally not difficult to locate as they are usually very vocal. On good weather days it is not uncommon to hear multiple bugling bulls. A lot of hiking in steep river valleys is required on these bowhunts. Hunts over waterholes and licks can also be somewhat successful. Contact Mike to book your next archery elk bow hunt and moose hunt combo.

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