MC Outfitters is in one of the most agricultural areas that migrating geese and ducks encounter on their annual journey from Northern nesting grounds to southern wintering areas. Combine this with thousands of local birds and your opportunities are endless. Our area boasts ducks like Mallards, pintail’s with bonuses of wigons, blue and green winged teal. Greater Canadian geese, lesser with bonuses of cacklers, speckle belly and snows.

At MC Outfitters we use a variety of full body, silhouette and moving decoys to ensuring we have what it takes to get birds on the ground for our hunters. Our huts are conducted from willow, bale, box, or layout blinds. With both us and/or our professional Molt gear guide in the blind with you to call and retrieve birds.

This is the best place to find a Canadian waterfowl experience of a lifetime.

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