MC Outfitters offers coyote hunts throughout the winter months from December to March after the whitetail season ends. The best coyote hunting is along the border of farmlands and forests. Coyotes will sneak into the farmland to look for mice, rabbits, and other food sources we have set up in our baits. We run a cattle ranch on our 10,000 acres which is a great draw for coyotes and makes hunting them fairly easy. It is not unsual to see multiple coyotes around our ranch and surrounding hunting area. Good calling will have coyotes running in from all directions. These are fast paced hunts. If you are looking for some action you will want to get in on these winter coyote hunts!

While coyote hunting wolves may come in to our bait sites. If you are lucky you may have the opportunity to harvest one or more of these trophy predators. Wolves are considered a prized trophy because they are extremely cautious and simply prefer not to be seen. We will do the odd wolf call to try to lure these sly animals into the baits with the hopes of sending you home with a trophy wolf.

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