Alberta is a premier destination for trophy mule deer hunting. With limited resident hunting the quality of mule deer has increased to a consistent trophy quality. Alberta mule deer hunting takes place during all stages of the rut from late October to the end of November. The terrain consists of rolling grassy hills and timbered ridges with aspen and willow stands. The majority of our mule deer hunts are done on private ranches and in a wildlands park. These hunting areas have an extremely high population of deer with great genetics. All these factors combined with experienced guides and thorough scouting provide our clients with a 1st class hunting experience. Mule deer hunting is done on foot, horseback and 4 x 4. Our success rate on our Alberta mule deer hunts is very high every season with bucks harvested in the 165 – 185 ” class.

Mountain Alberta mule deer hunts take place in a wilderness area of the Rocky Mountains of Southern Alberta. Access to this protected area must been done by foot or by horse. These regulations along with mule deer being on a limited draw, has created an ideal area for trophy deer hunting. These mule deer hunts are during the month of October when the bucks are still in their bachelor herds and summer ranges. We hunt open basins and grassy ridges by hiking or by horseback. This hunt offers the opportunity to take a trophy class mule deer with the added adventure of hunting in a high mountain area. Each year we take scouting trips into this area locating the many big deer this area has to offer.

We also offer early season mule deer bowhunts with an excellent opportunity to harvest a Pope and Young class buck.

Myself & my wife, Angie are directly involved in all aspects of the hunt making sure that every detail of your hunting experience is looked after.

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