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Remote wilderness Canada Moose Hunts

Our moose hunts will be conducted during the September/October rut season. We have float plane fly in lake hunts and river hunts available as well as some ATV/UTV hunts. Camps will be comfortable yet Spartan to remain flexible and to keep weight to a minimum while traveling the rivers and utilizing float planes for access. Both the lake and river hunts are great for calling in bulls and harvesting them at close range making for an extremely exciting hunt.

Lake hunts will be spent hunting in the mornings and evenings during prime times with time spent fishing when available. These hunts lend themselves to be fairly casual as you are set up in the moose’s living room per say and don’t have to travel far usually to find them.

River hunts will be spent hunting during the morning prime time then floating to the next stop to call during the evening. When moose sign is found then we will just set up camp and travel every day to and from so as not to spook the moose out of the country. There is a good chance of harvesting a bull anytime of the day while on the rivers as they are the preferred habitat for moose. When on the  river hunts you get to see a lot of country and fishing is available as well.

Listing : Moose Hunting
Outfitter Name : Kurt Lund
CELL PHONE : 780-835-1387
HUNTING AREA : Boreal Forest
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