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Bear hunts are baited hunts on baits that are well established and in some of the most remote northern country in Alberta. We have many bait sites that are well established along with some new baits in new territory that were carefully scouted and will surely be successful. Baits will have tree stands placed generally from 18-20 yards for sure shot placement. Both rifle hunters and bow hunters will utilize the same stands for high percentage shots.  Past success for the last several years are close to 200% success rate with over 60% of bears taken qualifying for Pope and Young and 6′ or better on the square. Everybody has had a 100% opportunity on their first bear and approximately 90% on the second bear.


Due to the remoteness and lack of local hunting pressure and a carefully managed harvest many bears in my area live to the age needed to produce Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett class trophies and weigh between 400 and 500 lbs.  We are targeting trophy class boars and leaving the smaller younger boars to grow and keep the population strong. This area has one of the largest populations of black bear in Alberta and along with that is a good population of large boars. ATV’s will be utilized for the hunts and many miles will be logged during the course of your hunt on an ATV to and from bait sites.

Lodging for this hunt is first class and includes breakfast,lunches (bag lunches when needed) and hot suppers and showers when we return from the field which will be very late as we can hunt till roughly after 10:00 pm in May and June. Nice beds with all the comforts of home including laundry service and all the baked goodies you can eat!  We have been bear hunting and baiting for many years and have harvested lots of big boars with archery equipment and truly live for bear hunting and all the hard work it entails. At KPL outfitting we will work our hardest to ensure that you get your trophy and have a memorable hunt with us.

Listing : Black Bear Hunting
Outfitter Name : Kurt Lund
CELL PHONE : 780-835-1387
HUNTING AREA : Boreal Forest
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