Fly in black bear hunting camp

Located 150 kms north of Fort McMurray and is our most remote bear camp. Our black bear hunts are done in tree stands at established bait sites. In the case of the tricky bear, ground blinds may be used if the guide and hunter decide to go that route. Our stands are set up so that hunters will have no more than a 30 yard shot, most are around 20 to 30 yards. The bears in this area are huge with many Pope & Young bears, good number of color phase bears from blonde to cinnamon to black with white blazes. This camp is so remote that the chance of seeing another hunter besides the guys in your camp is slim to none. Black bear hunting is done with four wheel drive ATV’s.

This is a tent camp because of its remote location but don’t let this fool you, tents are very comfortable with wood stoves and comfy cots. We also have a shower with a hot water tank and pressure pump and electricity.  We only take 16 hunters per year into this camp we are filling up fast. Don’t miss this opportunity to hunt this phenomenal area, call now to book your spot for our spring black bear hunts.

Black Bear River Hunts

Black bear hunting on the Clearwater River in Alberta is always a great success. We have sold our river boat bear camp to Clearwater River Outfitting. They are a family owned and operated hunting outfit based out of the same lodge in northern Alberta, Canada where we ran the hunts. Andy has lived and hunted in this area his whole life so he knows the area, and the bears very well.The river boat camp is located 60 kms (40 miles) up the Clearwater river in a very remote area with no local hunting pressure and a large population of trophy size bears. With excellent bait sites along the river there is a chance to see many massive record book bears.

You will be black bear hunting out of tree stands over well established bait sites set up in several spots at the top of the river ridge. Using river boats to get to and from the bait sites. We have never had anyone go home without seeing multiple bears and every year bears are taken in the 7 foot 400 pound range. This will be no different when hunting with Andy and Clearwater River Outfitting. We have many color phase bears from blonde to cinnamon, brown and black. This is an exciting black bear hunting experience and one you won’t want to miss.

Contact us and we can book your next Alberta spring black bear hunting adventure.

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