Boss Outfitting is based in Alberta, Canada. We specialize in fall moose rut hunts, November moose, baited black bear hunts, wild woods free range Wild bison, white tail deer as well as trap line ours and wolf hunting.

We are a family run and owner operated since 2000. Tent camps and on site cook are the norm around here. I have a great team of guides, cooks and helpers that all work together to make each week a success.

Black bear hunting 
Our success rate is usually 200% on 2 bears of which average 65% pope and young quality or better. We specialize in archery hunts but can easily accommodate rifle hunters. We encourage to bring non-hunters and especially your young hunters. Bear hunting is an exciting hunt for first-time hunter. Our stands are built to accommodate at least 2 adults or film crew.

Moose hunting is my passion and it’s why I am an outfitter. Our team of moose guides are well tuned into calling moose and we work together to make your trip a hunt you will never forget. Usually all hunters have an opportunity at a bull and we are at around 90% harvest on the last 5 years. We can average 40″ most years with some bulls in the 50″ class. Every year we have bull moose com right through camp. This is not a physically demanding hunt.

November moose 
We do a spot and stalk moose hunt in November every year with good success. The bulls start their feeding frenzy before winter sets in. Quite often when we find the bulls there will be several yarded up together. Then the hunt is on to make a successful shot on the best one we can get. Quite often this hunt can be combined with a rut deer hunt.

Wild free range bison
This is a serious hunt for experienced hunters. We scour some of the most remote woods of Alberta in search of a wild wood bison. It’s is cold, days are long, but a trophy bison is like no other. It is a true achievement to harvest a free ranging native bison. 
Our hunts have been a tremendous success at 95% harvest over 5 years. I have a highly skilled set of guides and staff in this camp that live and breathe bison hunting. Each year we set out on snowmobiles to find and track one of these beasts. Braving the cold and snow makes the harvest so much more rewarding. We hunt bison in January, February and March when the hides are at their best. Bison feed in the open most when it’s cold so the colder the better for a successful hunt.

White tail deer 
Alberta has some of the biggest whitetail deer around. We take the time to scout year round to put us on the best spots for a huge whitetail. Quite often a whitetail can be combined with a moose or mule deer.

Trapline tour and wolf 
Trapping was part of Canada’s beginnings and is still alive today. Setting and checking traps then catching a fresh lake trout for supper is all in a day’s work. With no contact to the outside world we are totally self-sustaining. Such remote and quiet wilderness cannot be explained in words. 
Wolf hunting Takes place in the winter months we utilize bait and several calling techniques. Quite often they will howl in return and occasionally make a mistake and come into the open.

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