Wolf hunts
We have a large population of wolves throughout Alberta and harvesting one of these preditors is a real challenge. There is always a possibility to see a wolf while hunting other big game so we offer an option to add a wolf hunt to any of our hunts for an additional cost. You may be lucky enough to see one of these elusive preditors come up to a bait site while hunting bear, or along a cutline while searching for moose or deer. If you want an opportunity to shoot a wolf, we suggest adding this option on to your hunt. On selected hunts you can request a baited wolf hunt as an addition. Wolf control is a legitimate means of managing big game populations that are in trouble which is why there is no limit on the number of wolves you can harvest.

Baited winter wolf hunt
These hunts take place from December through March. Normally hunting these grey ghosts is a shear luck scenario, but recently we have established a system to bait wolves, with fair certainty that they will return on a regular schedule. The hunter is set up in a heated box blind to await the arrival of these mysterious animals. The area we hunt has a high population of wolves that take a great toll on the moose population and livestock in the area and so there is no quota on wolves. This hunt can be combined with an ice fishing adventure, trapline tour, bison hunt or

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