Wild free range bison

This is a serious hunt for experienced hunters. We scour some of the most remote woods of Alberta in search of a wild wood bison. It’s is cold, days are long, but a trophy bison is like no other. It is a true achievement to harvest a free ranging native bison. 
Our hunts have been a tremendous success at 95% harvest over 5 years. I have a highly skilled set of guides and staff in this camp that live and breathe bison hunting. Each year we set out on snowmobiles to find and track one of these beasts. Braving the cold and snow makes the harvest so much more rewarding. We hunt bison in January, February and March when the hides are at their best. Bison feed in the open most when it’s cold so the colder the better for a successful hunt.

In Alberta we have several free ranging herds of bison, of which only one can be hunted. It is known that the bison have always existed in this range and have never been pushed out of the area by man. We know of nowhere else in North America where you can hunt native, free ranging bison in their natural habitat. Fortunately these bison are not pure wood bison. This allows us to export your cape and horns to the United States. Although not pure wood strain, a bull may weigh up to 2200 lbs. and a cow 1500 lbs.

Generally our hunts take place in February and March. Expect temperatures ranging from -25C – +10C (-18F – +52F). It will be the hunter’s responsibility to get to High Level, Alberta. A guide will meet you and escort you to the camp. Most of the travelling from that point will be done on snowmobile. Each hunter will have a guide (1 on 1), although some travelling will be done in-groups. It is not uncommon to travel 100 km (60 miles) in a day. The snow is generally 2-3 feet deep so if you have never operated a snowmobile, you will learn quickly.

The elusive timber wolf inhabits the same vast region and can be hunted with fair success at any time during the bison hunt. An additional bison, a trap line tour or a fishing voyage can be combined with this thrilling hunt. The days will be packed with excitement tracking down the legendary buffalo. The journey can be long and difficult but for the avid hunter it’s the thrill of a lifetime.

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