• Archery mule deer bow hunts take place in a mixture of agricultural crop and native grass country in the prairie and foothills of southern Alberta.
  • Mule deer have flourished in this area because Alberta resident rifle hunters have to draw tags.
  • Because of the habitat and mild weather, many deer are able to mature to a trophy caliber.
  • Mule deer bow hunt start in the beginning of September through early October. This early bowhunting season allows our archery hunters first opportunity at these undisturbed deer.
  • Our usual bowhunting method is to wait for bucks to bed down, get the wind in our favour, and make a stalk that will get us within bow range.
  • Average shots are between 30 – 40 yards
  • Bow hunters will have a great opportunity at solid Pope & Young class mule deer from 150″ to 190″ plus range.
  • Bucks may still be in velvet until the middle of September.

We have guaranteed tags and no draws are required!

Contact us to book your archery mule deer hunting trip with us in southwestern Alberta, Canada

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