These exciting coyote hunts are a great experience you will not forget!

When most big game seasons are closed there is still a thrilling hunting opportunity to be had.  Our coyote hunt takes place from December through March when these big Alberta coyotes have their heaviest winter fur. We will hunt prime areas in the foothills and prairies where there is an extremely dense population of these cagey predators. Using a variety of attractor calls we will lure these wary animals into shooting distance of our ambush. Most of the shooting opportunities will be at less than one hundred and fifty yards but there is a possibility of a long range shot when a coyote hangs up and cannot be quaxed into close range. Many set ups will produce multiple coyotes which greatly adds to the intensity of the hunt.

There are some essential items the coyote hunter must have to optimize his success. Full camouflage is critical to fool the sharp eyesight of the coyote. A turkey lounger works the best while sitting at each set up. This hunt is a minimum of 3 days with two hunters per guide. Having two hunter at a set up works best to cover as many angles as possible, one never really knows what direction a coyote will come from. Give your hunting partner a call and come experience the excitement of a winter coyote hunt!

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