We are located in some of the finest farmland in Alberta for Canada goose hunting & duck hunting. Large fields of wheat, barley and peas combined with large lakes and numerous puddle lakes along with three major flyways filtering through this area, make this a waterfowl hunter’s paradise.

Late August flocks of white fronted geese, Canada geese and ducks begin to hit wheat and pea fields. By mid September, large flocks of geese, mostly Canada geese, can be seen leaving the lakes in the morning and evening to go out and feed. This migration usually reaches a climax by the mid October.

Our goose hunts take place early in the morning, usually in stubble fields over decoys, with either pit or willow blinds. Although ducks always mix in with the geese, the best duck hunting is usually in the evening. With the right weather, this can be fast shooting which will test everyone’s marksmanship.

Alberta has a liberal bag limit of 8 ducks and 8 geese per day with triple the daily limit (or 24 of each) as a possession limit. We offer 3 day and 5.5 day goose hunts and duck hunts.


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