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André van Hilten's Willow Creek Outfitters - Alberta, Canada Hunting Outfitters
Hunting Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep in Alberta Canada

André van Hilten's Willow Creek Outfitters offers Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep hunts in Alberta.
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André van Hilten's Willow Creek Outfitters
André van Hilten
(403) 549-0111
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We offer hunts for: Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Bighorn Sheep

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Our Hunts
Willow Creek Outfitters is located in southern Alberta. Join us on a fair chase hunt for whitetail deer, mule deer and black bear. Enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic Rocky Mountains and foothills along with the abundance of wildlife around you. We specialize in trophy mule deer, rifle hunts and bowhunts; rifle hunts for whitetail deer in the rut; and spot & stalk black bear hunts in the spring.

Trophy Mule Deer: This part of Alberta has an amazing population of mule deer. We start in the beginning of September with the archery season hunting bucks in areas that have a mixture of agriculture and grassland. The archery season is the time we usually see some of the biggest bucks our area has to offer! This is an amazing opportunity to harvest a huge Pope & Young buck when they are in bachelor groups and in a regular feeding routine. With little to no hunting pressure at this time of year the bucks will be less wary allowing us great stalking and shooting opportunities.

After our archery season finishes, we start our rifle mule deer hunts in the last week of October. At this time of year we have a number of different big bucks patterned in our rifle area. Bucks will still be in their pre rut routine living by themselves or in small groups. The rifle season extends until the end of November letting us hunt the peak of the rut when these big, mature bucks are most vulnerable! We have had 100% opportunity in past seasons and the bucks harvested have averaged consistently in the high-160's with 20% of the bucks gross score over 180" each year. We encourage our hunters to be patient and hold out for a true trophy!

Whitetail Deer: Our rifle whitetail hunts take place in the last half of November during the heat of the rut. Most of our whitetail hunting is done in the same area as our mule deer hunts in the rolling foohill country. Methods of hunting will include spot & stalk, treestand, ground blinds, and small drives. Our whitetails usually average in the 130-150" range and each year there have been opportunities at bucks in the 160-170" class.

Black Bear: Each year in the month of May we take a small number of hunters on our exciting spring black bear hunt. This is a spot & stalk hunt where a hunter actually gets to go out and hunt a bear and not just wait for one to show up at a bait site. This is fair chase hunting at its finest! We have about 30% color phase in our area and try to have our clients hold out for a mature 6 foot plus boar.

Bighorn Sheep: The most prestigious, regal and recognized big game animal in North America is the Rocky Mountain sheep. If you are thinking of going after your first ram, need a bighorn to complete your grand slam, or have hunted them before and want another great wilderness sheep hunt, this is the hunt for you! This is a true, remote wilderness hunt where we start with horses to get into the sheep area and then we will resort to a backpack style hunt once in the high country. This will be the most efficient way to hunt the sheep in this area, maximizing our time afield so we can find you that great ram of your dreams. Many of us have been putting in for limited sheep draws throughout the western states but odds are so low and they get worse as more people apply that we may never get drawn. Our sheep tags are guaranteed for non-residents, no drawing required! This hunt will be fourteen days in duration in the month of September with experienced sheep guides. Being in good condition is a must for this hunt and one must prepare physically and mentally long before the hunt begins. There is no better feeling than that of successfully taking a wild sheep. It is the whole experience; the preparation, the vast country these animals inhabit and the effort needed just to get in to it. This hunt will provide you with all of this and the reward is grand! Come join us and experience it for yourself! Please call us for more hunt details and current pricing.

I live in the heart of our hunting area which allows me to do extensive scouting and get access to key hunting areas. I will be doing some of the guiding myself along with a few other competent guides. We pick guides that we know will deliver a quality experience to our clients. Our knowledge of the country we hunt will put the odds in your favor at harvesting a fine trophy!

We will provide you with a hunt of a lifetime that will create long lasting memories and will strive to find you a true trophy and make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

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André van Hilten's Willow Creek Outfitters
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phone: (403) 549-0111

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