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Hunting Moose, Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Bison, Wolf, Trapline in Alberta Canada

Boss Outfitting offers Moose, Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Bison, Wolf, Trapline hunts in Alberta.
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Boss Outfitting
Terance Boss
(780) 717-2825
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We offer hunts for: Moose, Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Bison, Wolf, Trapline

Our Hunts
We offer excellent hunting adventures in remote areas of Alberta where trophy bear, moose, deer and wild bison live. If you are looking for an exciting adventure, contact us for your next hunt!

Bear Hunt
Experience the hunt of a lifetime in beautiful remote northern Alberta, Canada. Hunt for bear over bait with 200% success on a 2 bear limit. Archery hunters enjoy an excellent ratio of P&Y bears often reaching 8ft. Enjoy this untouched hunter's paradise alone or bring your young hunter along to share the experience.

Hunting over baits is a very successful way to harvest bears. To date we have achieved 200% success on a 2 bear quota. Archery and rifle hunters enjoy the same spectacular harvest ratio. Spot and stalk is definitely an exciting hunt. We hunt off of logging roads until a bear is spotted, then stalk it to within range.

Hunt wild, native, free ranging woods bison in scenic northern Alberta, Canada. Hunt buffalo as they were 200 years ago with very little human influence. You will encounter these magnificent creatures in their natural environment. You must be in good physical condition to embark on this exclusive tour. Past hunts have scored 100% success rate. The elusive timber wolf inhabits the same vast region and can be hunted with fair success at any time during the hunt. The days will be packed with excitement tracking down the legendary buffalo. The journey can be long and difficult but for the avid hunter its the thrill of a lifetime.

September-October Calling Season during the prime moose rut: In September and October moose respond well to calling and can be taken with both bow and rifle. Rifle hunters regularly achieve up to 80% success on a good size bull that can have a 60 spread or better. Other hunters are rarely encountered in our area because it is so isolated and hard to access, thus making the moose hunting amazing. Our November hunts enable us to access areas, where one normally would not venture in the calling season. With the ground frozen, we head into zones where some trophy moose have seldom encountered another hunter. These hunts are generally more difficult because of the extreme temperatures that can occur. In these remote camps, your chances of harvesting a very large bull moose are increased.

Wolf hunts
Very few avid hunters have accomplished the rare feat of harvesting a Canadian timber wolf. They are a prized a trophy and are by nature, extremely elusive. Wolves can be harvested, with a license, during any of our hunts. A license can be added to any hunt for an additional cost. On selected hunts you can request a baited wolf hunt where you are set up in a heated box blind to await the arrival of these mysterious animals. The area we hunt has a high population of wolves that take a great toll on the moose population and livestock in the area and so there is no quota on wolves.

Deer Hunts
White tail hunting in Alberta is world-renowned. Rifle and archery hunters have taken some incredible trophies. Boss outfitting is offering archery as well as November rifle hunts. These deer hunts are done in tent camps, or motel, depending on the client's preference. We use many methods to pursue these animals. Stand hunting, deer drives, spot and stalk, still hunting, and just plain old driving around look for active deer in on the remote oilfield roads. November, during the heavy rut, we also employ rattling as a very effective technique.

Call Terance Boss to book your next Alberta hunting adventure:
(780) 717-2825

Boss Outfitting
Terance Boss
10 Mcleod Cr.
Leduc  Alberta

phone: (780) 717-2825

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